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  • Coolnet PDU can monitor power parameters such as power supply voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, etc. in real time, which is convenient for users to master and manage various power equipment. When the system fails or the total load current exceeds the set value of the system, it will automatically alarm by SMS, email, telephone, etc. As a result, it can provide a safety and reliable power voltage for precision quipment, especially bitcoin mining machines. Input type Input voltage range AC single-phase, AC three-phase, DC 48v 100~277VAC/312VAC~418VAC/100VDC~240VDC/-43VDC~56VDC Frequency Output rated voltage 50/60HZ 220VAC、250VAC、380VAC、-48VDC、240VDC Installation method Operating temperature Horizontal installation, vertical installation -10℃+75℃

    Tags : Smart Power Distribution Unit Rack PDU PDU System AC Cabinet Power Distribution Units Power Distribution Cabinet PDU Power Distribution Unit Rack Mount

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