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  • A micro data center is a small, self-contained data center architecture that is designed to support specific, targeted workloads or applications. It typically includes all the necessary components of a traditional data center, such as computing, storage, networking, and power and cooling, but in a much smaller form factor. Micro data centers are often used in edge computing scenarios, where low latency and high bandwidth are required for applications that cannot tolerate the latency and bandwidth limitations of centralized data centers. Refrigerant R410A / R407C UPS Capacity 3.5-12.5KVA Size 42U for Standard Units Warranty 12 Month Input Power Supply 220V AC 50HZ-60HZ, 120V AC, 380V AC Cooling Type DC inverter rack mounted precision air conditioner

    Tags : Cabinet Data Center Integrated cabinet Integrated Micro Data Center All In One Micro Data Center Server Room Data Center Cabinet

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