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  • Data center for Satellite Solutions in Singapore

    Project BackgroundWebSat founded in 2000 and headquartered in Singapore, is a global company that specializes in providing satellite, broadcast, fixed, and wireless telecommunication infrastructure, software solutions, and internet services. The demand for data storage in their own data center computer room is getting higher and higher with the growth of bussiness. Project ConfigurationCOOLNET provides WebSatMedia's existing data center with CyberMaster series precision air conditioning solutions, configured with 5 units of 70KW Precision air conditioners as well as compressors, filters and other accessories.Project SummaryIn order to meet WebSatMedia's existing data center load and redundancy needs for future business development, and to meet customer requirements for energy saving and stability and security in the computer room, we are customer-centric and aim to improve customer satisfaction, comprehensively consider and provide Cybermaster series data center temperature control solution, equipped with 5 units of 70KW cooling capacity,N+1 redundancy, strives to provide customers and partners with the latest technology, stable and reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

  • FIJI Telecom Project on-Site Operation and Maintenance

    Project information Telecom Fiji Limited is one of the largest facilities-based providers of fixed line communication and networking services in Fiji. most local telecom station applied hosehold air conditioning to provide cooling , to replace existing household air conditioners with Data center precision air conditioners to provide safety and stability eviornment for telecom station facility Project configuration We provide high-quality, high-efficiency and low-energy consumption room-level precision air conditioners, namely 20 sets 20KW, 80 sets 45KW. Since it is located along the coast, our cooling condenser meets anti-corrosion requirements to guarantee the stable working of unit. Project results According to the needs of customers, we provide on-site installation guidance and introduce relevant precautions for equipment installation and maintenance to customers.At present, our equipment has been installed and running. It has been highly praised by customers and they have reached an agreement with us for long-term cooperation in data center projects. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

  • Sinus-Dochi LLC Data Center Project in Mongolia

    Project Background Sinus-Dochi LLC is a leading HVAC service company in Mongolia, boasting a team of technical engineers who specialize in the field of refrigeration. We COOLNET collaborated with the client on data center project to develop a comprehensive cooling system design solution for their facility. Project Configuration COOLNET provides high-quality In-Row precision air conditioning solutions with inverter compressor and smart digital control system, ensuring optimal performance and high energy efficiency. Project Summary Cool-Row Series inrow precision cooling system adopt row mounted design with air discharge from front or side, which can bring the cooling closer to heat source, applied in hot and cold aisles, the air flow organization is further optimized, the overall PUE value of the computer room is reduced, and the cooling efficiency is improved. Configure with high quality world leading brand component --DC inverter compressor dynamically regulate output to improve cooling efficiency, EC centrifugal fan, N+1 redundant design, and the air supply volume is automatically adjusted according to the load of the computer room. Smart control system to realize precise temperate control.

  • 100KW Cooling System Solution In Malaysia

    Project Background Open data Malaysia is a prominent cloud service network technology company, specializing in server storage services for its customers. Project Configuration 10 sets of 100KW air-cooled air conditioners Project Summary The client was retrofitting an existing data center and required room-level air-cooled air conditioners to meet their cooling requirement for new data center, However, due to the small and outdated size of the data center, conventional precision air conditioners could not be carried in properly. COOLNET Cybermaster Series precision air conditioners for large server rooms are modular design, allowing for easy installation on-site and tailored to the customer's requirements. Provide high flexibility, precise data room climate control and high stability for IT environment.

  • Prefabricated Modular Data Center Solution for Montenegro Internet company

    Project background Montenegro IDC Company stands as a leading Internet service provider, dedicated to delivering essential Internet data and Communication services to the community. With requirement of one-stop solution for sustainable digital efficiency and protection Project configuration Coolnet 9-racks modular data center Cold Aisle Solution with power distribution cabinet, IT racks, 40KW in-row precision air conditioning units and cold aisle containment system Project summary Coolnet MDC adopt modular design, this solution is easy to deploy and has strong adaptability, meeting the data center deployment needs of enterprises, finance, operators and other industries. Fully integration with smart monitoring, low PUE cooling technologies, high reliability power supplies, full method access control and security protections. tailored to customer requirement.

  • IDC Indonesia

    Project Background: IDC Indonesia is the first and the largest carrier neutral data center in Indonesia, have established themselves as the home and meeting point of all telecom and internet connections as well as the home to all content providers Project Configuration: 25KW Precision Inrow cooling system Project Summary : IDC Indonesia presence is now spanned from west to east of Indonesia, of course digitally interconnected. reply on reliable quality and speedy service to guarantee all facilities work normally so as to satisfy all clients of IDC.

  • Telecom Indonesia

    Project Background: Telkom Indonesia is Indonesia’ s largest state-owned telecom company and the global communication service provider. Since 2010, Coolnet has started the cooperation with Telkom Indonesia and appoint Coolnet as the only provide of the precision cooling system for 10 years, Annual purchase quantity is 50 sets. Project Configurations: 12.6KW Precision Cooling System 15.6KW Precision Cooling System 31.5KW Precision Cooling System Project Summary: Coolnet precision air conditioning was widely used in Indonesia’ s communication computer room all over the country, High efficiency and energy saving configuration can meet the energy conservation and emission reduction policy for communication operators. According to local climate characteristics, combined with Coolnet’ s many years of lightening protection product research and development strength, successfully resolved the earthquake, the thunder and lightning protection technology problem.

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