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  • PAC In Mongolia

    Project Background Sinus-Dochi LLC is a large HVAC service company in Mongolia with technical engineers specializing in the field of refrigeration. For their existing data center project, we worked with them to complete the design of the cooling system solution for the data center. Project Configuration Provide excellent quality with In-Row precision air conditioner for existing data centers. Project Summary The project is now in the preliminary stage of preparation and the later stage of progress is about to start. The Coolnet team has been highly praised by the Mongolian client for the excellent quality of the product and the delightful communication service.

  • Data Center In Kuwait

    Project Background: Currently, the COOLNET team is preparing for a data center renovation project for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Finance. Project Configuration: providing 8 air conditioners and 106 racks for the project. The load of the entire server room is close to 600KW. Project Summary: The client has worked with us before and greatly trusts the quality and performance of coolnet products. Working together again on this basis is an essential step for the coolnet team to enter the Middle East market.

  • IDC Indonesia

    Project Background: IDC Indonesia is the first and the largest carrier neutral data center in Indonesia, have established themselves as the home and meeting point of all telecom and internet connections as well as the home to all content providers Project Configuration: 25KW Precision Inrow cooling system Project Summary : IDC Indonesia presence is now spanned from west to east of Indonesia, of course digitally interconnected. reply on reliable quality and speedy service to guarantee all facilities work normally so as to satisfy all clients of IDC.

  • Telecom Indonesia

    Project Background: Telkom Indonesia is Indonesia’ s largest state-owned telecom company and the global communication service provider. Since 2010, Coolnet has started the cooperation with Telkom Indonesia and appoint Coolnet as the only provide of the precision cooling system for 10 years, Annual purchase quantity is 50 sets. Project Configurations: 12.6KW Precision Cooling System 15.6KW Precision Cooling System 31.5KW Precision Cooling System Project Summary: Coolnet precision air conditioning was widely used in Indonesia’ s communication computer room all over the country, High efficiency and energy saving configuration can meet the energy conservation and emission reduction policy for communication operators. According to local climate characteristics, combined with Coolnet’ s many years of lightening protection product research and development strength, successfully resolved the earthquake, the thunder and lightning protection technology problem.

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