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  • Data Center Expo 2023: New Beginnings, New Opportunities
    Feb 24, 2023
    As we enter the gates of 2023, the data center industry is bound to see faster and newer developments in the new year. We will see the flexibility and immediacy of cloud computing, higher capacity networks and data centers, and data centers that will have more power backup and new energy sources for local consumption. What these will bring, first and foremost, is a more diverse experience. A more personalized user experience will be enabled by higher capacity and proliferation of edge data centers, as well as more flexible 5G and Wi-Fi6. At the same time, operations between various digital touchpoints will be more seamless. In addition, the data center industry will see an increasing demand for speed, with data flowing to and through data centers likely to be faster and with greater capacity. With mid-band 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technologies in deployment, HD video, AR/VR/XR and AI-enabled applications are now able to send more data to the edge and core data centers for processing and storage. At the same time, the industry's growing understanding of sustainability, rising energy costs, and the growing need for sustainable business have forced companies to pay more attention to sustainability, and their environmental footprint has a direct impact on their operating costs and residuals. Data center sustainability is not a question that can be easily answered and requires multiple factors such as the evolution of power and cooling efficiency, monitoring of equipment operation, the flexibility of facilities, and even adjustment of corporate management models. The 9th China (Shanghai) International Data Center Industry Exhibition and the 4th China Data Center Green Energy Conference, organized by CDCC and hosted by Longo Exhibition (Shanghai) Co. As an important product exhibition and technology exchange platform for China's data center industry, IDCE has attracted hundreds of famous enterprises from home and abroad, including Ali Cloud, Tencent Data Center, Huawei, ZTE, etc. In 2022, the exhibition area of IDCE was nearly 11,000 square meters, receiving 11,032 professional visitors and nearly 160,000 online picture and live video viewers, an undeniable industry event. This is an undeniable industry event. At that time, the industry leaders will focus on the development of green energy in data centers, discuss the new trends and directions of the data center industry under the background of the implementation of the national "carbon peak, carbon neutral" strategy, and provide new momentum and new thinking for the development of data centers and the energy industry.
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