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  • COOLNET Container Data Center Solution

    COOLNET Container Data Center Solution ---New generation prefabricated data center solution Modulization*A large number of modular components *Less the workload of the site construction*Shorten the construction cycle of data centers Low Energy Consumption*Strictly design the products on every details*Greatly improving the efficiency of energy use Low TCO*Standardized ICDC products greatly *Less cost of data center construction, operation and maintenance

  • Coolnet Modular UPS

    COOLNET Modular UPS Low consumption *Green energy-saving power supply; *Redundant intelligent speed fan, low noise, energy conservation; *Can be close to other equipment installation, save floor space; High digital design *Large screen touch screen man-machine interface, rich information; *Fully digital modules in parallel technology, excellent circulation index; *Perfect remote network management solution; Excellent technical performance *The adaptive synchronization control technology; *Online hot plug expansion; *Support parallel sharing function of battery pack;

  • Coolnet In-row Precision Air Conditioning

    COOLNET In-row Precision Air Conditioning For Modular Data Center * Close to Heat Source * High Air Return Temperature * Constantly Expansion - No needs of raised floor or limited floor height - Efficient EC Fan save up to 30% energy - N+1 Redundancy fan configuration ensure air flow

  • Coolnet Modular Data Center

    Highly Integrated Solution for Data Center Construction --- COOLNET Modular Data Center Single module with five major systems - Cabinet System - Cold &amp Hot Aisle System - Power Supply and Distribution System - Air Cooling System - Management System

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