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  • Data Center

    Data center usually refers to the centralized processing, storage, transmission, exchange and management of information in a physical space. The key physical infrastructure of data center to guarantee critical running contains power supply system, refrigeration system, cabinet system, fire protection system and monitoring system.

  • Telecom

    With the continuous advancement of technologies such as big data, cloud computing and 5G, people's lives have undergone tremendous changes. The amount of data is super large, and with the continuous development of 5G technology, it is growing rapidly, thus requiring huge storage space and increasing the number of data centers.

  • Energy Storage

    Energy storage is to collect and store excess energy that is temporarily unused for a period of time through energy storage devices, and then extract it for use during peak usage, or transport it to places where energy is scarce for reuse.

  • Government

    For government departments, it is closely connected to Big data and 5G. The booming of internet and smart cities indicates more and more use of network, edge computing, data centers and precision cooling systems for server rooms.

  • Bank

    As a traditional industry with collecting, storaging and protecting a number of data, the financial industry has increasing demand in data cneter solutions, precision air cooling units, power supply systems and so on. 

  • Healthcare

    With the population growing and aging, the state pays more and more attention to medical treatment. In the global Internet wave, the overall solution of the background data center is needed for internet medical treatment, internal business operation of the hospital, ward monitoring, linkage alarm and pharmacy management. The data center carries out comprehensive prevention and control of data processing and hospital monitoring

  • University

    The popularization and use of campus information teaching methods are becoming wider and wider, such as electronic library reading room, online homework, distance education, online classes and so on. A stable school monitoring center protects information security.

  • Transport

    The demand for data from transportation industry is large and the distribution is relatively scattered which causes it may need more server rooms in different places. The ability to collect, store and process data requires a stable, safe and orderly data processing center. Even small railway networks need refrigeration equipment to protect their IT servers for data processing and maintain the normal operation of the transportation industry.

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