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  • Analysis of the benefits of energy storage in the data center industry
    Sep 15, 2022
    As we all know, the data center is an off-list "high energy" industry. In the more than ten years from the birth to the development of the data center industry, the total power consumption of China's data center industry has increased by more than 10% every year. Statistics show that in 2020, the total power consumption of data centers in China will reach 200 billion KWh, accounting for more than 2%. By 2025, the proportion is expected to double to 4.05%. And in the operating costs of the data center, the cost of electricity accounts for about 60%-70%of the total cost. Although modern data centers can reduce the PUE value through various energy -saving measures and improve the efficiency of electricity consumption, the cost of electricity consumption is still the big head of the overall cost. Energy storage research in data centers is one of the solutions proposed to reduce the cost of data centers. Of course, the data center energy storage system does not refer to the UPS battery room generally configured in the current data center. The current UPS battery room energy storage purpose is only to provide the data center for several minutes to tens of minutes for the buffer processing period for data centers. It does not support the long -term smooth operation of the data center, but also needs to be used with reserve diesel generator. The data center energy storage system needs to provide at least the energy supply of the data center. Its energy storage and power supply capacity are far beyond ordinary battery rooms. Generally speaking, the energy storage system will bring the following benefits to the data center:1. Balance and inhibit Peak Valley Electricity PriceIn order to balance electricity consumption at different times, many grids will provide different electricity prices of waves and valleys. The energy storage system can use its own capacity to store a large amount of electricity in the low price period of the valley, and use the function of the energy storage system to reduce the use of high -priced electricity during the peak of electricity consumption. Some energy storage systems can even supply power to the power grid to achieve the energy arbitrage of "low buying and selling".2. Green energy useFor wind, light, and water are not stable clean energy, the data center has always been far away. However, with the energy storage system, clean energy such as wind, light, and water can enter the energy storage system first, and finally output stable power to the data center. The data center of the energy storage system is generally paired with the construction of optical storage power generation facilities.3. Reduce the use of dieselIn the mainstream data center energy spare system, diesel generators are the most important equipment. Its "heavy" is not only important in status, but also a heavy cost. The construction cost of diesel generators and diesel storage facilities is on the one hand. Daily maintenance and start -up diesel consumption are even more staggering. The emergence of energy storage systems can reduce the dependence of data centers on diesel generators to a certain extent. Of course, in terms of objective perspective, the intervention of the energy storage system will also increase the use of clean energy and reduce carbon emissions of data centers.
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