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  • As a carrier of massive data, data centers still face many problems such as high energy consumption, high cost, and low resource utilization. Therefore, modular data centers and containerized micro-module data centers have become the design trends of the new generation of data centers. The Coolnet Hot & Cold Aisle Containment can flexibly adopt the layout of double-row cabinets + hot and cold aisles or single-row cabinets + cold and hot aisles according to user site conditions. Modular data centers are designed to cope with server changes such as cloud computing, virtualization, centralization, and high density, improve data center operation efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and achieve rapid capacity expansion without affecting each other. Power 380V/50Hz Operating Voltage 380/400 VAC,230 VAC,220V Cooling In-row Precision Air Conditioning UPS Power Supply Modular UPS with Battery bags Certification CE,ISO,CCC Monitoring System Dynamic Intelligent Data Center Monitoring System

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