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Discover our cost-effective, high-quality Telecom Power Supply solutions, tailored to your unique needs. We focus on customization to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and network protection within your budget. Choose CoolNetPower to elevate your telecom power with personalized systems designed exclusively for you.

  • Embedded power supply system integrates multiple function, including DC current limiting, peak surge absorption, comprehensive automatic protection, battery intelligent management, unattended, intelligent remote monitoring and other functions. The components of the system are divided into two parts: power supply and battery, the cabinet structure is divided into one-piece and split type,indoor or outdoor design. The power supply section includes: AC distribution unit, rectifier module, monitoring unit and control circuit.Each functional unit is designed in standardized sizes, with power supply heights ranging from 1U to 9U.It meets the wide range of DC outputs from 30A to 400A and is a DC power supply system with a wide range of application scenarios. Rack height Installation method 1U-9U Embedded installation input voltage Output voltage range 220Vac,50Hz 42-58Vdc

    Tags : 48V DC Power Supply Power Supply System DC Power Supply

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  • COOLNET Outdoor integrated power supply system adopts the design of independent compartments that are isolated from each other. The battery compartment is installed with batteries, and TEC air conditioners are used for heat dissipation. The equipment compartments are installed with BBU, transmission units, power distribution units and other equipment, and industrial air conditioners or heat exchangers are used for heat dissipation. Partition temperature control can provide a good working environment for the equipment, and at the same time, the performance of power saving is remarkable. IP Class IP55 UPS 3KVA/6KVA Size 19" Cabinet Cooling Type Option DC / AC Air Conditioning Rated Voltage -45%+35% Rated Frequency ±10%

    Tags : DC Rectifier Power Module Cabinet DC Power Supply Integrated DC Power Supply

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  • COOLNET 5G Base Station Power Supply refers to Integrated outdoor power cabinet which is a system that integrates AC input power distribution, lightning protection unit, switch rectifier, battery pack, DC output power distribution unit, FSU and outdoor integrated chassis. The system monitoring module has the functions of battery management and power system monitoring. It can be equipped with appropriate sensors to realize environmental monitoring, and provide multiple sets of backup monitoring quantities. It can provide RS485 communication interface, which is convenient for remote monitoring and unattended operation. Output Capacity 5000W/7500W Voltage 220Vac±1% Battery 100AH lithium iron phosphate batteries Interface RS485 communication interface Input Power Factor 0.99 Conversion Time 0ms-10ms

    Tags : 5G Power Supply 48V DC Power Supply Outdoor Telecom Power Supply

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  • With modular design and robust operating capabilities, COOLNET's solar systems can be easily retrofitted onto existing infrastructure,resulting in reduced diesel use, longer service intervals and extended DG operating life. The solution will dramatically lower operating expenses, thereby simultaneously reducing logistic and security costs and concerns. Our hybrid system can be integrated with diesel generators to form a hybrid off-grid system, increasing the flexibility and reliability of the entire micro grid system. lower dependency on fossil fuels will improve the resistance to risks caused by their volatle prices. Solar input voltage DC output voltage 85-440VDC (Normal: 220VDC) 42-58VDC Typical load Acoustic Noise < 5KW ≤ 55dB

    Tags : Telecom Power Supply Communication Power Supply Solar And Grid Hybrid Solution

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