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  • Analysis of the Reasons for the Non-cooling of the Precision Air Conditioner in the Computer Room
    Aug 25, 2022
    Staff in data centers or computer rooms will encounter unexpected situations where precision air conditioners are not cooling. Through this article, we will briefly analyze the reasons why the precision air conditioner in the computer room does not cool. First, too little refrigerant or slight qualitative change. 1. Leakage occurs in the refrigeration pipeline and its components and the interfaces between them after long-term work. 2. The refrigerant flows in the pipeline, and there will definitely be a small amount of loss after the air conditioner works for a long time; with the passage of time, the refrigerant will also undergo slight qualitative changes. Second, the air filter is dirty. 1. The air filter should be replaced regularly according to the climate and environmental conditions of the region. If the air filter is too dirty, the return air will be blocked, and the heat exchange of the evaporator will not work properly. 2. In order to save costs, some companies clean the air filter with water. This operation will cause the filter to change from filament to sheet, and the return air resistance will increase. It will also make the air filter mesh larger, and the filtering effect is poor. A lot of dust will be directly adsorbed on the evaporator fins through the filter, which will seriously affect the working effect of the evaporator. Third, the pipeline insulation layer is damaged or the pipeline is too long. 1. The damage of the insulation layer of the pipeline makes the refrigeration pipeline directly contact with the air, and the heat exchange occurs on the pipeline in advance. 2. Too long pipeline will reduce the cooling effect. Fourth, the compressor problem. The compressor directly affects the cooling capacity, and the degree of damage to the compressor has different effects on the cooling capacity. Fifth, other reasons. 1. The condenser and evaporator are not clean. 2. The expansion valve fails. 3. The filter fails. 4. Refrigerant quality change. 5. The indoor fan speed is not enough. 6. There are too many heating equipment in the room, and the sealing of the machine room is not strict. 7. The quality of the precision air conditioner is unqualified. 8. Obstruction of the air supply duct. 9. The refrigeration pipeline is too dirty and blocked.
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