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  • COOLNET EP500 is a kind of home backup storage power supply which can provide power for the electrical equipment at home. Whole-house batteries have become increasingly popular with Asian, American and European households because they can mitigate the impact of power outages and make the most of solar energy. Typically, though, they're designed to be fixed in place, whereas COOLNET's home energy storage batteries are mounted on wheels like a portable air conditioner. This design provides users with great convenience. AC Rated Power Battery Capacity 2000W(Peak 4800W) 5100Wh Battery Cells Max Input LiFePO4 145VDC Rated Life Cycle Warranty 6000+ 3 years

    Tags : Home Backup Power Solar Home System Portable Backup Power System For Home Home System With LiFePO4 Batteries

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  • Portable backup power supply is a kind of energy storage emergency power supply system which is noise-free, pollution-free, clean and environmentally friendly. In response to the current situation of sudden power outages in the wild, power generation difficulties, and noise disturbance, our company has developed a series of emergency power supply solutions for new energy portable lithium battery energy storage systems. The best solution for the application of diesel (gasoline) generators, fast deployment, direct plug-in and direct use, convenient and fast; a set of safe and fast emergency power supply system that can ensure fast emergency power supply when there is no mains or power supply difficulties in the wild. Battery Energy Rated Output 1997Wh 2000W Type Charging Time Lithium Iron Phosphate 2 hours Type-C(PD) AC Output 5-20V/5A, 100W MAX 110V/50-60HZ

    Tags : Portable Backup UPS With Charge By Solar Portable Power Supply 300WH-5100WH Portable Backup Power Supply Emergency Power Supply

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