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  • COOLNET lead-acid battery (VRLA) is a battery whose electrodes are mainly made of lead and its oxides, and the electrolyte is a sulfuric acid solution. The nominal voltage of a single-cell lead-acid battery is 2.0V, which can be discharged to 1.5V and charged to 2.4V; In applications, 6 single-cell lead-acid batteries are often connected in series to form a nominal 12V lead-acid battery , as well as 24V, 36V, 48V, etc. Capacity Efficiency 100-3000A Above 99.99% Nominal Voltage Openning Pressure 2V 10-20Kpa Rated Life Warranty Up to 15 years 3 years

    Tags : Portable Backup UPS With Charge By Solar 12V VRLA Battery 2V VRLA Battery

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