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  • Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between base station equipment room and micro data center
    May 19, 2023
    Product Name Communication Base Station Data Center Description With the continuous development of information technology and the maturation of 5G technology, efficient management of base stations is becoming increasingly important to ensure everyday communication. However, how to build and operate these base stations is a problem many people are facing. When comparing dedicated base stations to integrated cabinets, many people are opting for the latter.Building a dedicated base station requires careful site selection, a longer construction period, and more time and labor costs. Once built, expanding the usable space is more difficult. In contrast, the integrated cabinet is easy to install, takes up less space, requires less time and labor costs, and can be delivered within a day. In addition, the cabinet is sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and can protect internal equipment well.Through a comparison of dedicated base stations and micro data center, we can directly see the pros and cons of each. This is also why more and more people are choosing to use micro data center to set up base stations. Of course, if there is still space available in an existing dedicated base station, it can be renovated to save costs. However, if there are no old machine rooms available, using an integrated cabinet for construction will be faster, easier and more cost-effective. The base station remote maintenance system can help you realize the efficient management of the base station.The system is equipped with monitoring hosts and front-end sensors installed in the integrated cabinet, which can monitor leaks, smoke, door magnets, UPS, and lightning protection devices inside the cabinet, helping customers achieve efficient management.
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