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  • COOLNET Sever Room Precision Air Conditioning refers to the special precision air conditioner for server room that can fully control and meet the environmental conditions in server rooms. It is a new model that has gradually developed in the past 30 years. The situation in server room is quite different from that at home. It has strict requirements on the temperature, humidity, air cleanliness, air volume and wind speed of the server room to ensure the safe operation of the communication equipment in the server room in a high-quality environment. To ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment in the computer room, COOLNET CyberMaster series can control the temperature and humidity of the computer room at a difference of 1 degree, which greatly improves the life and reliability of the equipment. Therefore, it can be the best choice for large exchange room and communication room, working for 24*7*365 hours. Cooling Capacity(kW) 60-120kW Cooling System Air cooled, water cooled, chilled water cooled, etc. Air Discharge Upflow/Downflow etc Airflow(㎥/h) 7000-30000㎥/h Refrigerant R407C/R410A for choice Unit Size(mm) 2500*795*1998 mm

    Tags : Industrial Air Conditioner Critical Environment Cooling Unit Data Center Cooling System Precision Environmental Control Air Conditioner Precision Cooling System Precision Air Cooled Unit

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