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  • STS static transfer switch (Static Transfer Switch) is an automatic switching system of two power sources. Under normal working conditions, when the main power supply is within the normal voltage range, the load is always connected to the main power supply. The STS static transfer switch adopts the switching method of break before make. Uninterrupted switching between different input power sources can be achieved. MSTS is called Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor Static Transfer Switch and it is a kind of rapid load transfer switch, with the minimum transfer time of 3.2 ms. It is suitable for use in the in-phase and out-of-phase conditions. Besides of load transfer mentioned above, MSTS connection with multiple sets is also available to form output of n+1=1 type, which can further increase power supply safety. Standard Capacity 3-6KW Rated Current 16-30A Output Interface IEC C13 / C19 Input Voltage 200-240VAC Output voltage 200-240VAC Output Efficiency More than 98%

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