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  • As an important field within the company,how to protect the security performance of the data center computer room is very important. The micro module computer room is the choice for the modernization of the data room. The modular data room is to divide the large data center into several independent areas (independent modules). The construction scale, power load, resource allocation, etc. of each area are designed and constructed according to the unified standard. With the continuous development of IT equipment requirements, independent modules can be continuously added and gradually built as needed to achieve rapid construction and rapid replication of existing data centers. Power 3N-380V-50HZ Operating Voltage 380v/220v Cooling In-row Precision Air Conditioning UPS Power Supply 380VAC/400VAC/415VAC(3Phase 5Wire),50/60Hz Certification CE,ISO Monitoring System Power supply, battery, power distribution, air conditioning,etc.

    Tags : Modular Data Center In Row Air Conditioning Closed Cold Aisle Integrative Modular Data Center Data Center Solutions All In One Data Center Solutions Servers and Data Centers

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