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  • CN-UR intelligent high-frequency on-line UPS adopts full digital control technology and the latest high-frequency power conversion technology. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and high power factor. It integrates multiple functions such as AC voltage regulation, backup power supply, and peak surge absorption, which can meet the power protection of harsh grid environment and provide pure, safe and stable power supply for the load. Capacity Input Voltage Range 1KVA -10KVA 110-300VAC Frequency Power Factor 40-70Hz ≥0.99

    Tags : Single Phase UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply Tower UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply Telecom Power Supply 6KVA UPS 10KVA UPS

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  • With modular design and robust operating capabilities, COOLNET's solar systems can be easily retrofitted onto existing infrastructure,resulting in reduced diesel use, longer service intervals and extended DG operating life. The solution will dramatically lower operating expenses, thereby simultaneously reducing logistic and security costs and concerns. Our hybrid system can be integrated with diesel generators to form a hybrid off-grid system, increasing the flexibility and reliability of the entire micro grid system. lower dependency on fossil fuels will improve the resistance to risks caused by their volatle prices. Solar input voltage DC output voltage 85-440VDC (Normal: 220VDC) 42-58VDC Typical load Acoustic Noise < 5KW ≤ 55dB

    Tags : Telecom Power Supply Communication Power Supply Solar And Grid Hybrid Solution

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