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  • What are the benefits of using precision air conditioning in the server room?
    Jul 28, 2022
    Air conditioners can regulate temperature, humidity and air cleanliness, so air conditioners are used in many industries, but for some specific functions of the room can not do, need to install precision air conditioning, such as machine rooms, laboratories, instrument rooms, museum storage rooms and other places. Precision air conditioners are also known as constant temperature and humidity air conditioners, which can accurately control the humidity and temperature of the environment. Precision air conditioners are characterized by large air supply volume, small enthalpy difference, high sensible heat ratio and high air purification rate. The humidity change rate is less than 10% RH/h (when the humidity is set at 40%-60%) and the humidity can be accurate to ±3%, and the temperature change rate is less than 5℃/h (when the temperature is set at 15℃-30℃) and the temperature can be accurate to ±0.5℃. The design life of precision air conditioning can reach 10 years, continuous operation time up to 86,400 hours, the average failure-free rate reached 25,000 hours, the better maintenance of precision air conditioning can run about 15 years. The benefits of using precision air conditioning in the server room are mainly as follows. 1. High temperature constancy. The high-speed operation of the equipment in the server room will bring a large amount of heat, in order to maintain the normal operation of the equipment, it is necessary to control the equipment in the state of constant temperature environment. If the temperature of the room can not be constant, it is easy to cause the electronic components of the equipment to reduce the life, when there is a high ambient temperature brought about by the local overheating of the equipment, will cause the equipment to burn or downtime. 2. High humidity constancy. The humidity of the environment in the server room affects the service life of the equipment and brings safety hazards. If the humidity of the room is too high, the low-temperature environment will appear too much condensation, dripping on the equipment to cause burn or even fire; if the humidity of the room is too low, after the air becomes dry, it is easy to generate static electricity, which will also cause certain dangers. 3. High air cleanliness. There are many precision instruments and electrical components in the server room, fine dust can easily lead to short circuits. Precision air conditioning has a better ability to filter air impurities, the air sent into the room are clean, reducing dust scattered on the equipment components, triggering equipment short-circuit, overheating, and the phenomenon of data errors. 4. Air supply volume. Precision air conditioning equipment are relatively large, through a special air duct for air treatment after feeding, in the face of heat dissipation is relatively large electronic equipment without sufficient air volume is difficult to achieve uniform cooling of equipment, and precision air conditioning has more than ordinary air conditioning more than 1 times the volume of large air supply, can quickly pump away the heat in the room, to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling equipment. In short, ordinary air conditioning is facing the living environment of personnel, for the server room, heat dissipation is relatively large, the higher demand for air conditioning heat dissipation; cooling the continuous working time is relatively long, almost all 24 hours in a row; the temperature should be controlled between 22 ℃ -24 ℃; the humidity should be controlled between 50% ± 5%; the cleanliness should be controlled in ASHRAE 20% +, the more accurate the control is the better The more precise the control is, the better the control is; to cope with the outdoor ambient temperature is also stronger, can withstand -35 ℃ to -42 ℃ environment, for the above conditions precision air conditioning can do, ordinary air conditioning can not meet. Precision air conditioning to ensure constant temperature, constant humidity, constant cleanliness and long life of the server room.
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  • Machine room air conditioning and refrigeration equipment zero line charged causes and solutions
    Jul 20, 2022
    Will the zero line of the air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment in the server room be charged? Under normal circumstances, there should not be electricity on the zero line. Therefore, once there is electricity, it is certainly the performance of the fault; the simplest is electromagnetic induction, and this time the zero line is not well grounded, failing to form a circuit. Meanwhile, the leakage of power equipment or phase line touch shell, but the current is not considered large, so it has not tripped. In the three-phase four-wire power supply system, if the zero line is not well grounded or grounding end broken, the consequence is that the potential of the zero line is not equal to 0 when the three-phase load is unbalanced, which means that the neutral point is shifted. Here are the causes and solutions of machine room air conditioning common zero line charged. A. There is leakage of electrical equipment on the line, and the protection device at the end of the action, so that the zero line with electricity. (Solution: power outage for maintenance, to find the leaky equipment to repair, and find the cause of the end of the action of the protection device.) B. There is a phase on the line ground, the total protection device in the grid at the end of the protection, so that the zero line charged. (Solution: After a power outage, first use a shaking table to measure the line to see if the line is poorly insulated, measurement should pay attention to the instrumentation in the line to disconnect.) C. Room air conditioning zero line break, there is leakage in the electrical equipment behind the break or a large single-phase load operation, so that the zero line charged. (Solution: test the zero line is broken after the power failure, broken to find and repair.) D. In the zero grid, there are individual electrical equipment to take protection grounding and leakage, so that the zero line with electricity. (Solution: distinguish between the system is a zero system or grounding system, or zero system for repeated grounding. Then the correct installation of the ground.) E. In the zero grid, there is a single-phase electrical equipment using "a fire a ground" that is no work zero line, so that the zero line with electricity. (Solution: Install the N line, not PE line as N line.) F. In the grid there are electrical equipment insulation resistance, has been damaged and leakage, so that the zero line is charged. (Solution: Check out the insulation resistance does not meet the requirements of the equipment, to repair.) G. Room air conditioning in the transformer low-voltage side of the working ground connection poor contact, there is a large resistance in the three-phase load unbalance current exceeds the allowable range, so that the zero line charged. (Solution: poor contact is not good to find, to be serviced annually or according to the prescribed time, can not be lazy, to be serviced according to the regulations.) H. High-voltage flee into low-voltage, so that the zero line charged. (Solution: bad to find, and sometimes a big problem. One of the most difficult to deal with, there is a danger to people. Be sure to follow the operating procedures to operate.)
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  • What causes the low pressure alarm in the server room air conditioner?
    May 13, 2022
    A data center server room has a high voltage alarm, check the machine alarm logs in a total of three categories: First, low supply voltage does not start. Low power supply voltage does not start is often due to voltage reduction or phase failure, low supply voltage, resulting in 24v transformer output voltage is insufficient; condenser 24v AC contactor can not work. The specific need to use a multimeter to test to determine. If necessary, equip with grid regulator. Compressor failure alarm is one of the most common alarms in the server room precision air conditioning, in the refrigeration system, the high voltage controller is set at 350psig, the machine is running, when the high voltage value reaches this limit, the high voltage alarm is generated. To make the compressor start again, it must be manually reset; however, before pressing the reset button, the cause of the high pressure must be identified in order to make the machine run normally. Second, the compressor high pressure alarm. For refrigeration systems, it is recommended to clean the surface of the condenser dust and dirt, but care should be taken not to damage the copper tubes and fins. If the alarm still appears after maintenance, the alarm can be eliminated by performing maintenance in the system menu, maintenance cycle. Third, the humidifier refrigeration system needs maintenance. It is usually caused by an obstacle in the refrigeration cycle, such as too high Freon pressure, too low pressure or the resulting overheating of the press and other reasons. The specific need to use the pressure gauge to test to determine. For the humidifier and refrigeration system requires maintenance of the alarm processing, humidifier normal operation process, mineral particles and other deposits will gather on the humidifier pan. These deposits must be regularly maintained and removed to ensure efficient operation of the humidifier. As water sources around the world have different characteristics, so the time of cleaning gradually should be decided by each place itself. It is recommended that monthly maintenance checks be performed on precision air conditioners in data center rooms (if necessary, they should be cleaned monthly). By draining the pan (removing the vertical pipe), disconnecting the drainage pipe coupling and removing the set screws at both ends of the pan, the deposits on the pan of the humidifier can be easily removed.
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